Come Join Our Beard Papa family!

Are you interested in partnering with a world class food company with the most ‘delicious’ product offering?

Beard Papa’s Cream Puff products and operations are proven with great results backed by over seven years of operating experience and over 270 cream puff stores in Japan, USA & UK and other areas in Asia.

In order to ensure product integrity and operational excellence in our growth plans, we have created a basic profile for our partnership program.

It’s simple and easy. You should at least have:
Experience - a general management and operating experience will suffice!
Capital – access to sufficient capital to fund the café in the market
Dedication & commitment – a will to commit in full effort in developing the café.
Don’t worry! Beard Papa has an experienced and creative development team. Our team has strong relationships with major retail property management companies and developers, enabling negotiation of prime retail sites.
For the start: our development team will help you to:
Design each store
Manage the construction program
Supervise the fittings and lay-out of each store
Equip each store to the highest standard
Ad infinitum: Our operations team consultants will advise you on:
Business Planning
New product implementation
Product Presentation
Local store marketing
Conclusion: You just need to decide if Beard Papa is right for you! Email us to obtain further information or contact us at 03-78064288. We are waiting for you!