Beard Papa's wide selection of cream puffs and other pastries;
Original Vanilla
Made according to our carefully thought out vanilla custard recipe from Osaka, Japan, this flavour has proven to be the most popular and hotselling.
Delightful Black Sesame
A mixture of delightful black sesame with our original creamy custard cream. The pleasant aroma that accompanies the taste never fails to lure those who are adventurous in their tastesbuds
Healthy Green Tea
The subtleness of premium Japanese green tea combined with our original vanilla bean custard cream has become a true Asian favourite.
Yummy Chocolate
A rich chocolate custard cream made from a blend of two all natural premium quality European chocolates. Sells like hot cakes!
Mango Yoghurt Ice Cream Puff
Natural mango yoghurt ice cream with real fruit bits for ultimate mango lovers! Just bite into our crispy cream puff and let the exotic taste of delicious mango yoghurt awaken your taste buds!
Cookie Puff
Try our new cookie puff with sweet crunchy cookie bits added on top! Perfect for cookie monsters!
Our very special version of aromatic French bread filled with our signature vanilla custard. Something which would make a French food connoisseur come back for more!
Cheesecake Stick
Made from only the best and richest cream cheese around to produce a fluffy texture that will most certainly make it an irresistible treat any time of the day.
Our original cream puffs covered with Bavarian chocolate cream and coated with rich dark chocolate creates the ultimate tantalizing dessert.
Fondant Chocolate
A single serving of chocolate cake made with the finest Belgian chocolate. To fully enjoy the delicious, oozing chocolate center, be sure to warm it up before serving!