Whipping Up Secrets

Choux Pastry Shell

Beard Papa's cream puffs consist of a two-layer shell. The inner shell is a choux pastry and the outer shell is a pie crust. It is this special structured shell which makes Beard Papa's cream puffs so unique. As the cream puffs are baked fresh, our stores are always filled with the aroma of tantalizing cream puffs!

Premium Vanilla Beans
You will discover tiny black grains in our custard cream which lends its special aroma and flavour. These are specially handpicked organic vanilla beans from Madagascar which we pod and use generously. Madagascar is known worldwide for producing the best naturally grown vanilla beans.
Whipped Cream Custard
It takes 2 hours to our prepare our whipped cream custard and it is made fresh 3 to 5 times a day. The flavourful concoction consists of plenty of natural vanilla beans and fresh local milk. The custard is then blended with lightly whipped cream right before our cream puffs are served.
Filling A Puff
To serve our customers the freshest and best, our puffs are filled with whipped cream custard only when an order is placed. We then sprinkle powdered sugar over them and they are ready to be served!
Eat Them Immediately
Beard Papa's cream puffs taste best when eaten immediately after purchase. Please keep them refrigerated if you are not going to eat them immediately. Since Beard Papa's cream puffs do not contain any persavatives, we recommend consuming them the same day of purchase or within 24 hours.